Some of the most precious Italian culinary traditions are safely guarded in Piedmont, where a mix of homely eateries and Michelin-starred restaurants offer heavenly tidbits to discerning foodies.

Local specialties range from cheese to cold cuts, from vegetables to braised meats, from fresh stuffed pasta to divine desserts, all of them with a story to tell, all of them representing the flesh and soul of this gourmand’s paradise.

King of the table is the truffle, in its black Summer or Winter versions, or the famed and valuable white variety, only available from mid-September until December, which attracts every year thousands of fans from all over the world.

To be able to cook some local delicacies is the best keepsake to bring back from Piedmont. Cookery classes can be held in professional schools or homestyle places, and can be adjusted to your preference and needs. Also farmers’ market incursions can be arranged, along with wine and food shopping.


A wine adventure in Piedmont can be at the same time a pleasant confirmation and a thrilling journey of discovery; celebrated wines like Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera can be fully appreciated in their homeland, while a world of “minor” productions is the universe that any real wine maniac will be happy to explore.

Native grapes are the worshipped local idols here, although wine makers like to create interesting combinations with international varietals, always with the aim of expressing the spirit of this terroir.

And, don’t expect to meet the kind of business-oriented wine producers around here: wine making is a family matter, and wineries are run by proud farmers.

A warm welcome is reserved to the wine wanderers who are pleased to visit the local wineries, and get to know how people dedicate themselves with care and passion to the making of different styles of wine.