Nature & Gardens

The vineyard landscapes of South Piedmont are a UNESCO World Heritage site, thanks to the carefully cultivated hillsides, but also hilltop villages and Medieval castles, Romanesque churches and farms.
Undoubtely, a remarkable example of man’s interaction with the natural environment.
Besides, the visitor looking for natural wonders will be pleased to find also many other opportunities.

Stunning botanical gardens on Lake Maggiore boast thousands of different varieties of plants and flowers, side by side with gorgeous palaces and villas.

Royal residences and ancient castles are embellished by parks and gardens designed by eminent landscapers for the aristocrats’ pleasant promenades, either following the “natural” taste, or the Italian style.

A so called “chequered sea”, an impressive land of water, can be admired in late Spring in the Vercelli Plain, when the kilometres and kilometres of rice paddies are flooded.

The “Sacred Mountains” (another UNESCO site) used to be places of pilgrimage, where devotional chapels, statues and frescoes are harmoniously combined with the surrounding environment.